Social Media Marketing secrets to increase your Rank and Exposure

If you’re thinking about better exposure online then you’re probably start putting more time and effort on social media marketing. Social networking sites are the new user created content hubs that can offer large amount of traffic to any website that can properly pitch online interest to users. Facebook, Twitter, and Linked in are just a few of the well known social networking sites that can offer a great start-up niche for any marketing campaign. These websites rake in millions of users per day. Thousands of people join social networking sites daily, and you can expect the number of online users to triple or quadruple in no time at all. With this in mind, social media marketing in Miami can certainly entice web marketers to utilize the technology to improve search engine placement for their websites.
Understanding the potential of social media marketing in Miami or in your local city can help lead your business exposure to greater heights and can help improve search engine rank for your website. For those who are starting up on the social networking frenzy, here are some tips to help you setup a social media marketing any campaign.
Tip # 1: Be one of them
Before you can start marketing your products or services on any social networking site, you will need to setup an account. Multiple accounts are preferred, although they can be very time consuming to do. An email address will be required to create and confirm your account. If you’re planning to setup different accounts, and the social networking site you’re planning to join in is limiting users to only one email per account, the best approach would be to create different accounts.
If you are successful at this step, you will be provided, by email, a system-generated URL towards your online identity profile. Some websites however require users to personalize their web address and profile content.
Tip # 2: Don’t forget the Images
One of the first things that online users will notice or probably check out is the image section of your account. Visual flavors will certainly set the visitors moods. Personal images won’t just do if you have multiple accounts. You need to have a lot of stock photos to share, or probably borrow some pictures from friends or use corporate images to display on your site.
Tip # 3: Fill up your Profile
One of the best ways to get searched on the social networking sites, is by filling up your user profile. Some user information might probably be filled up the moment you register your account. Still, there are some details which social networking sites leave for the user to fill up later on. Make sure that your user profile contains personalized information. Social networks use this information to categorize users by location, age, gender, interests, etc.
Tip # 4: Don’t Put up too many Ads.
Be careful about putting up too many marketing ads on your user profile since most users do not like visiting a advertising-packed website or social account. Make sure your user profile can reach out to your online visitors interests. Do not make a user account just for the sake of building a marketing hive. Put some effort to make your account more personalized, and it will lead more users to visit it. More traffic should mean that users are knowing more about you, your products, and services.

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5 Ways To Ruin Any company website in Miami

Owning a company website in Miami gives you certain rights. For example, you have the right to plaster your URL all over the doors and windows of your SUV in hopes that someone in one of the 7 cars you pass on the way to work will get the urge to visit your website and spend gobs of money. You own the website-this is your right. You also have the right to post pictures of your family, friends, pets, and other totally uninteresting images all over your website after all it’s yours. One of the biggest rights you have as a webmaster is the right to make your website successful (and profitable) or to run it into the ground like a 737 missing both engines and landing gear. For those of you who despise online success, I have compiled a list of 5 ways to ruin any company website in Miami.

1. Make Your Website As Cluttered As Possible
Nothing makes visitors leave quicker than a cluttered website that is hard to navigate around. So if you want people to flee from your site like it’s a rabid wolf then be sure to put as much junk as you can on the homepage. Then make the links to the rest of the website hard to find. Be sure to have lots and lots of pictures, forms, banners and pop-ups as well. All the relevant information should be well hidden, and the main focus should appear to be the countless programs you want visitors to sign up for. That should keep any pesky visitors from ever coming back.
2. Never Update Your Website
If someone were to visit your company website today and then come back 6 months from now they should see the same information. Nothing should be updated. This will let them know that you care nothing about the website and that you have nothing new to offer them. The next time they see an update on your company website in Miami, they won’t even bother to visit. Great!
3. Never Ever Advertise
Advertising cost money and it might draw some good targeted traffic to your website. So be sure to never advertise. You can just keep promoting your website through those same tired free programs that you have been using for years. This should bring you little or no traffic, and the traffic that does come won’t be your target audience so they’re almost certain to leave without spending a dime. Awesome!
4. Always Sell A bad Product
Selling good products online can get you a good reputation. A good reputation can get you repeat sales and new customers. You don’t want all this hassle. So find the worst products you can and sell them exclusively. This should damage your reputation to the point where no one wants to bother buying from your site. Be sure to lie about your product too. This will further ruin any kind of credibility you may have.
5. Never Respond To Any Questions
If someone emails you with a question about your website or products on your website, Do Not Reply. Replying could be considered courteous and businesslike. You don’t want to come off that way. It’s better to just delete any emails from people who were interested enough in your website to take the time to email. Hopefully this will drive them to one of your competitors websites and out of your hair.
There you have it guys. Five great ways to ruin any website company in Miami.  To better your Site you can give us a call at 305 436-992 or visit us at

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Is your Website Getting Traffic?

Is your website getting traffic or what? Search engine rankings are an important factor to consider when you have a web site that needs more traffic. If your web site doesn’t have a good position in the rankings then it will be hard to find.
Since most searchers click on the first few results, you need to make sure that your web site is ranked highly enough so that people can easily find it on the first page of search engine results. Although no search engine optimization company in Miami can guarantee a high ranking for your site permanently, often times hiring a web marketing company in Miami will pay off many times over. For those of you doing it yourself or those of you that want to ensure your marketing company is doing a good job, here are some tips for raising the search engine rankings of your web site.
1. Content
Content is an important factor in high search engine rankings. Make sure that you have plenty of content throughout your site with your target keywords in the articles. It’s also worth doing a search for web sites similar to yours and taking a look at their articles for ideas. Keywords are an important factor and they should be used throughout the content of your website.
2. Web Site URL
Your web site’s URL can help you rank higher with the search engines if it contains your keywords. However, don’t think that naming your site after your keywords will always help your rankings, you need to do more than just that. This technique is just one of the factors in improving a search engine ranking.
3. Search Terms
Search terms should be written out in text, instead of graphics. If you use pictures, be sure to give them alt tags. If you want a good rank in search engines then these things that may seem small should be considered, as search engines can read the text but not the graphics.
4. Page Title
The title of your page is very important, and if you choose the title properly then it can surely make a big difference in search engine ranking. The titles themselves are very specific to the page and also may not have much competition being as specific as they are. The title area is the most important place to include your keyword phrases, so make sure that you utilize it.
Master these four tips and you will be on your way to getting free traffic.
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