Many web designers can create beautiful and interactive animations for your web site.  Unfortunately, search engines cannot read these flash animated web sites.  Search engines like Google, visit your web site as a super simple web browser.  Flash is a component that you have to add to your web browser in order to see the flash animation.  So overall, search engines will not be able to read any of the content on a flash based web site.

Below are 3 ways that flash web sites can hurt your (SEO) search engine optimization efforts.

1.Visitors navigate from page to page on your flash web site, without actually going to a new page.

2. When you view the web page on different browsers and you see a blank page, or your page has very little amounts of text.

3. Your web designer can’t look at you straight in the eye when you ask whether the web site is search engine friendly.

Hope this mini article has educated you in regards to avoiding flash web sites.  A simple HTML website with a lot of content will always be indexed by the seaech engines.